Marabu Liquid Laminates: Now Available at DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES

Monday, June 27, 2022

We’re excited to announce that we’re now carrying a full array of Marabu Liquid Laminates for more wide-format print protection options.

Printing is the first step to meeting your customers’ needs, but durability, longevity, or additional protection are also essential. UV and fading protection, chemical and abrasion resistance, flexibility, and enhanced colours are just some of the benefits of coating digital prints with liquid laminates.

Marabu Liquid laminates are specifically formulated to be cross-compatible with most inks and print media making them a reliable and cost-effective alternative to film lamination. Liquid laminates are used for applications where a film wouldn’t be flexible enough or where a film would hide the texture of the substrate.

Liquid laminates can be applied using an automated Liquid Laminator, spray gun, or a more manual hand roller process.

Depending on your digital printing process, UV or Eco-Solvent Inkjet, we have the right liquid laminate for you. Get the right protection for each substrate.

Marabu ClearShield ® Classic

This high-viscosity water-based clear liquid laminate is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable, and select latex inks, providing excellent protection against ultraviolet fading and image enhancement. Additionally, it resists chemicals, dirt contamination, and abrasion.

ClearShield ® is designed for use over most materials that are not sensitive to water. Compatible substrates include banners, vinyl, canvas, and vehicle graphics.

This flexible, non-yellowing coating, available in Gloss, Semi-gloss, and Matte finishes, can be applied with brushes or rollers in different thicknesses for customized protection levels.

Marabu ClearJet ® Original Type A2000

This solvent-based UV protective clear coating is designed for water-based inks and can also be used on solvent-based inks. ClearJet ® makes laminating digital printing hassle-free with dye-based and water-sensitive ink/media combinations.

Marabu ClearJet ® can be applied on most substrates, including canvas, vinyl, banners, fibreglass, wood, plastic, paper, and more.

Easy to apply with its aerosol spray cans, it is available in Gloss and Semi-gloss finishes.

ClearShield ® and ClearJet ® are both highly durable and provide equal protection. To decide which product to use, keep in mind that ClearJet ClearJet ® is solvent-based, and ClearShield ® is water-based.

  • If you see any water sensitivity, cracking, or bleeding, choose ClearJet ®.
  • If there is no water sensitivity, choose either ClearJet ® or ClearShield ®.
  • If you are coating solvent-based inks, typically choose ClearShield ClearShield ®.
  • Water (Aqueous) dye-based inks are moisture sensitive. Most water-based pigmented (UV) inks are not water sensitive.

Marabu ClearShield ® Anti-Graffiti

Marabu ClearShield ® Anti-Graffiti is a liquid laminate designed as a protective coating on digitally printed signage, billboards and banners that are at risk of vandalism made by spray paints, latex paint, markers and more.

With Marabu ClearShield ® Anti-Graffiti, spray-painted graffiti can be removed with a range of solvents without harming the printed substrate below.

Possible applications are street signs, banners, billboards, signage, and wallcoverings.

This dual-component coating is available in Gloss finish and must be applied by hand utilizing a short nap roller, high-density white foam roller, or automated spray equipment like an HVLP gravity-fed spray gun.

Window Juice

This unique and economical product allows time to position your graphics. Use it with pressure-sensitive vinyl and decals. It’s friendly, safe, and easy to use to clean applications without long waits, bubbles, or wrinkles.

Available in quart plastic bottles with sprayers.


This fantastic product softens adhesive residue, making removal quick and easy on most surfaces such as vinyl banners, plexiglass, painted surfaces, and more. A mild, solvent-based product that is not aggressive, corrosive, or has an unpleasant smell.

Available in quart plastic bottles with sprayers.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of Marabu laminates or tell us about your business, printing, and finishing needs, email us at or chat with our knowledgeable team at +32 (67) 477011.

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