DrawCut Upgrade LITE to PRO

Ref. 100-106-005-76 - Część DP: WCUSE14025
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DrawCut PRO cutting software is a sign and lettering software specifically designed for making the most amazing vinyl lettering, garment decoration... dowiedz się więcej

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Special Price 90,07 USD

Regular Price: 96,74 USD


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DrawCut PRO cutting software is a sign and lettering software specifically designed for making the most amazing vinyl lettering, garment decoration and general signs.

Full control over editing and cutting your Artwork

DrawCut PRO vectorises your bitmap images so you can cut them with your vinyl cutter. The vectorisation tool is easy to use and enables getting smooth yet detailed cutting edges for an easy and accurate cutting process.

DrawCut PRO supports a range of advanced options to adjust the level of accuracy and smoothness of the contours for optimal results.

Advanced Designing and Editing

Besides the already powerful layout and editing tools of DrawCut LITE, DrawCut PRO features block and drop shadows for texts and objects, text to path and arc, outline or weld text, draw stars and arrows and many other amazing tools.

LAPOS XPT Contour Cutting

LAPOS XPT is the most powerful contour cutting system on the market. I supports multiple marks for long cutting files, multi-scan to reduce tracking errors, smart-alignment to adapt to print distortions, adaptive marks for full-width and long print and cut jobs, outline-vectorising for contour cutting photos and bitmaps.

The Contour Cutting process is the following

  • Placing an outline around an object or objects in DrawCut PRO
  • Printing the object(s) but not the outline onto the media such as white vinyl
  • The outline is cut out using special Registration Marks (LAPOS XPT) or a laser pointer
  • The vinyl cutter then creates a decal or a sticker.

The outline can be set at any distance from the edge of the object or objects and cut out from a separate vinyl cutter or on a printer-cutter.

LAPOS XPT is easier to calibrate and use than any other crop mark detection system available today.

Download the upgrade DrawCut LITE to PRO here

Tutorial video's available here

Supported OS System

  • Windows 10 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 8, 8.1 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Supported Cutting Plotters

  • Secabo CIII, CIV, S, T series
  • Roland GX Series
  • Summa D, FX ,T series
  • Graphtec CE5000, CE6000 series
  • CE5000
  • CE6000
  • GX-20
  • GX-24
  • GX-300
  • GX-400
  • GX-500
  • GX-640
  • T60II
  • T120II
  • S120II
  • S60II
  • C60V
  • C120V
  • C120III
  • C120IV
  • C30III
  • C30IV
  • C60II
  • C60III
  • C60IV
  • C60IV Basic
  • S120
  • S160
  • S60
  • T120
  • T160
  • T60
  • D1000
  • S-Class-120-D-Series
  • S-Class-120-T-Series
  • S-Class-140-D-Series
  • S-Class-140-T-Series
  • S-Class-140-T-series-T4
  • S-Class-160-D-Series
  • S-Class-160-T-Series
  • S-Class-160-T-Series-T4
  • S-Class-75-D-Series
  • S-Class-75-T-Series
  • SummaCut D1010
  • SummaCut D1020
  • SummaCut D120
  • SummaCut D120-R
  • SummaCut D120SE
  • SummaCut D1220
  • SummaCut D140-R
  • SummaCut D140SE
  • SummaCut D160-R
  • SummaCut D160SE
  • SummaCut D500
  • SummaCut D520
  • SummaCut D60
  • SummaCut D60-R
  • SummaCut D60-R FX
  • SummaCut D60FX
  • SummaCut D60SE
  • SummaCut D620
  • SummaCut D75-R
  • SummaCut D760
  • SummaSign D1010
  • SummaSign D1010 PRO
  • SummaSign D1010SL
  • SummaSign D1300
  • SummaSign D1300 PRO
  • SummaSign D1400
  • SummaSign D1400 PRO
  • SummaSign D1400SL
  • SummaSign D1600 PRO
  • SummaSign D1600SL
  • SummaSign D610
  • Summasign D610 PRO
  • SummaSign D610SL
  • SummaSign D750
  • SummaSign D750 PRO
  • SummaSign D750SL
  • SummaSign T1010
  • SummaSign T1010 PLUS
  • SummaSign T1010 PRO
  • SummaSign T1010SL
  • SummaSign T1300
  • SummaSign T1300 PRO
  • SummaSign T1400
  • SummaSign T1400 PRO
  • SummaSign T1400SL
  • SummaSign T1600
  • SummaSign T1600 PRO
  • SummaSign T1600SL
  • SummaSign T610
  • SummaSign T610 PRO
  • SummaSign T750
  • SummaSign T750 PRO
  • SummaSign T750SL