Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge)

EUV4 ECO-UV ink guarantees a wide colour gamut with a high density and is available for all VersaUV® printers and printer/cutters.
Manufacturer: Roland


EUV4 ECO-UV ink guarantees a wide colour gamut with a high density and is available for all VersaUV® printers and printer/cutters. The new ink features a change in chemistry that ensures accurate ink droplet placement, strong adhesion and excellent colour reproduction, while also reducing odour and limits the shrinking of thin film materials like BOPP, PE and PET when curing. The new EUV4 ECO-UV ink is also available in 500ml cartridges (white is only available in 220ml cartridges), increasing convenience and minimizing material and running costs.

You can use EUV4 ECO-UV to print on almost all of type of media. The LED lamps dry the ink drops instantly when applied so there is no reaction or absorption between the media and the ink. And since no heat is used during the printing process, EUV4 ECO-UV inks can be used on heat sensitive materials, such as shrink film, PE, PET, BOPP, self-adhesive vinyl, paper, synthetic / natural leather and mesh.

The use of EUV4 ECO-UV inks results in beautiful indoor applications such as labels, packaging and displays. The ink can be used for outdoor applications as well. The lifetime for outdoor applications is one year without finishing (lamination).

NOTE: Before using the new Eco-UV (EUV4) ink, all users must upgrade their firmware and VersaWorks. 

EUV4 inks replace EUV3 inks that were discontinued. Please refer to Roland instructions to switch from EUV3 to EUV4 inks or contact our helpdesk.


  • Available configurations: CMYKGW, CMYKGG and CMYKWW.
  • The 220ml cartridges are compatible ONLY with the Roland LEF-12 and LEF-20 printers.
  • Ink switch from ECO-UV to ECO-UV 4 ink (or vice-versa*) is supported and requires an update for both firmware and VersaWorks as well as cleaning fluid and swabs.
  • Advanced ink formulation ensures accurate print drop placement, excellent adhesion and colour reproduction.
  • Outdoor durability up to one year unprotected.
  • Room ventilation and Roland approved air filtration unit are required.
  • Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture (same as Original ECO-UV ink).


220 ml are available in CMYK, White and Gloss.

  • EUV4-CY (220ml Cyan)
  • EUV4-MG (220ml Magenta)
  • EUV4-YE (220ml Yellow)
  • EUV4-BK (220ml Black)
  • EUV4-WH (220ml White)
  • EUV4-GL (200ml Gloss)

Printer compatibility

Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge) Cyan - EUV4-CY
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: EUV4-CY
Old price: €83.00
Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge) Magenta - EUV4-MG
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: EUV4-MG
Old price: €83.00
Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge) Yellow - EUV4-YE
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: EUV4-YE
Old price: €83.00
Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge) Black - EUV4-BK
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: EUV4-BK
Old price: €83.00
Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge) White - EUV4-WH
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: EUV4-WH
Old price: €83.00
Roland Eco-UV 4 Ink (220ml cartridge) Gloss - EUV4-GL
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: EUV4-GL
Old price: €83.00

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