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Pantone Plus Extended Gamut Coated

Ref. GG7000 - DP part: CPGPA17705
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Extend Your Color Expectations!We know branding can often include multiple spot colors and for production, a CMYK printing process may be suggested... Read more

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Extend Your Color Expectations!

We know branding can often include multiple spot colors and for production, a CMYK printing process may be suggested in order to save time and money. For years, the PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® Guide has helped designers and printers determine how closely a CMYK color may match a specific PANTONE Spot Color. Now, given the advancements in color print technology, we are pleased to introduce the new EXTENDED GAMUT Guide to assist you in making color choices like never before. Pantone’s PLUS SERIES EXTENDED GAMUT Guide is printed with an extremely high quality, seven-color printing process using existing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks, plus commonly used Orange, Green and Violet (OGV) inks that “extend” the achievable color gamut significantly.

How can the PANTONE EXTENDED GAMUT Guide benefit you?

The EXTENDED GAMUT Guide for PRINTERS Constant short run demands? No problem! Using existing compliant inks and our specific seven-color recipes, satisfy customer expectations while getting 50% make-ready savings, more combo runs, more productivity, fewer approval rounds and higher revenue.

The EXTENDED GAMUT Guide for DESIGNERS/BRAND OWNERS Our guide helps manage color matching and reproduction expectations when replacing spot colors with Extended Gamut printing. Realize greater color accuracy than with CMYK, fewer rounds of approval, lower cost, faster production and, most importantly, higher satisfaction.


  • Seven-color process simulations of 1,729 solid PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Colors with an aqueous finish. Fewer color restrictions than ever allow for inspired creativity to make it brilliant!
  • Closest seven-color process match with the corresponding screen tint percentages displayed as viewed under D50 lighting (5000° K)
  • sRGB values are included so the seven-color approximations can be represented on-screen
  • Identical page numbering to the PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated for easy comparison to the solid PANTONE Colors
  • Printed on the most commonly specified 100 lb. text-weight paper stock
  • Colors bleed for ease and accuracy when comparison checking 
  • Spectrophotometer-ready pages
  • Portable fan guide format

* The “s” in “sRGB” denotes Standard RGB
Pantone reference: GG7000

This product includes a free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, a €39 value, upon product registration.

This guide includes a PANTONE Lighting Indicators page to help ensure proper lighting conditions for color evaluation.