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Stahls’ EZ Weeding Table

Every signmaker knows that weeding a design is a tedious task that requires serious attention and trained skill. Therefore, any tool on the market that makes this task easier is a welcome addition. That’s why we believe signmakers everywhere will be overjoyed with the latest tool in our signmaking arsenal - the Stahl Weeding Table

The Stahl EZ Weeding Table makes the weeding process far more efficient which, in turn directly impacts your bottom line. It offers a  51 x 91cm working surface with four incline positions to help operators weed with greater ease, and reducing neck and back pain. 

A clamp down feature provides the ‘extra hand’ you need when weeding larger designs, reliably holding down the vinyl while the operator works his way through the weeding process. The result is astonishing: up to 60 per cent of time saved on weeding jobs, resulting in increased order capacity and reduced labour costs.

However, the best feature of the Stahls’ EZ Weeding Table is its heating capabilities. While the bond between a heat transfer material and its carrier lessens when heated,  this patented table heats materials enough to promote removal from the carrier, resulting in easier weeding with less material breakage. 

Three pre-programmed temperature settings:  Low (43°C) Mid (49°C) and High (54° C) provide the correct heat for different materials to make the weeding process as quick as possible.

The Stahl EZ Weeding Table, with its reinforced aluminum construction, is engineered to last, and fits most production tables and counter tops. The table has rounded edges for operator comfort, a convenient tool holder to keep your weeding tools to hand plus a built-in storage compartment to hold your designs until required.