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DIGINK SOL21 Ink (Mimaki SS21) - 2000ml bag

Ref. - - DP part: IINDISOL212
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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 500€ in the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The DIGINK SOL21 Series Digital Inks are designed specifically for use in Mimaki SS21 solvent printers using MBIS2 / MBIS3 bulk ink systems. Packaged in 2000ml fully compatible bags, they provide unbeatable value and are an ultimate performance alternative to the OEM inksets.

Thanks to DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES’ unique Load & Print capabilities, users of Mimaki SS21 inks can swap to DIGINK SOL21 Series Digital Inks without conversion. These are 100% plug and print, making the need for flushing or new colour profiles redundant. The total chemical and colour compatibility of DIGINK SOL21 inks mean that they can be used simultaneously with the OEM inks.

OEM SS21 bags (SPC-0588) can be replaced with DIGINK SOL21 Series Digital Inks bags when individual inks run out rather than all colours together at the initial install. This avoids wasteful ink procedures or the disposal of unused inks, saving customers time and money.

DIGINK SOL21 inks feature improved scratch resistance, superior adhesion and durability on a wide variety of popular Point of Purchase (POP) substrates such as self-adhesive vinyl, banner, paper and textile media.

The DIGINK SOL21 Series boasts fast printing and improved drying times, greater than the Mimaki SS21 ink performance.

Note: These bags are not suitable for Mimaki MBIS 1 bulk ink systems.


  • Fully compatible with Mimaki SS21 inks for easy installation
  • Colour matched to Mimaki SS21 inks and use existing colour profiles without the need to create new profiles
  • Superior scratch resistance for longer outdoor durability with no need for further finishing
  • Faster drying time for accelerated production speeds
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility on most digital inkjet media
  • Virtually odourless with no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) for use in a non-ventilated environment.
  • One-year warranty covering all printer ink parts.
  • Greenguard Gold certified product (low chemical emission)


  • INDIS21CY2 Cyan
  • INDIS21MA2 Magenta
  • INDIS21YE2 Yellow
  • INDIS21BK2 Black


  • INDIS21FF                        DIGINK SOL21 Series Flush Solution
  • CJV150-107
  • CJV150-130
  • CJV150-160
  • CJV150-75
  • CJV300-130
  • CJV300-160
  • JV150-130
  • JV150-160
  • JV300-130
  • JV300-160
  • JV33-130
  • JV33-160
  • JV33-260
  • JV34-260
  • JV5-130S
  • JV5-160S
  • JV5-320S