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DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES is one-stop online shop offering spare parts, accessories, software and tools for all eco-solvent, solvent and UV digital wide-format printers. We were the first company in the world to offer dedicated solutions to this market niche on-line.

Our company services customers all over the world including Europe, Middle East, Africa and America.  With headquarters located in Brussels, Belgium, DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES was established in 2007 by a seasoned management team that has a long and solid technical background in the digital print industry.

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES has utilised the ease and power of the Internet to revolutionise the way most wide-format printer parts, tools and accessories can be purchased. Prior to the launch of DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES, it was impossible to purchase parts, tools and accessories for different wide-format printer brands from a central source. More importantly, lead times were long and geographical borders posed further problems.

Our stock

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES sells OEM parts for all brands of printers, all of which come with the manufacturer’s warranty. We also sell high quality generic parts such as dampers and cap tops, which are extensively tested, very clearly labelled and sold under our own brand name. These carry the same warranty as the OEM products.

We currently have a portfolio of 15,000 products, all of which are available at the most competitive of prices. These include the Wasatch RIP delivered on-line on the same day, plus X-rite and Pantone colour management tools.

Real customer service

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES has over 15,000 active customers and we believe that a major part of our success is down to our unswerving commitment to real customer service.
We continually seek improved ways to communicate with customers, to understand their needs and provide them with true value through information and support.
We believe comprehensive pre-sales phone support is vital, as many customers want to speak to our technical advisors before specifying the parts they require. 

Post sales phone support is equally important to ensure that customers install the products they have purchased correctly.
Advisers are available from 8.00am through to midnight every day. DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES has also developed a network of qualified freelance engineers that can be recommended to customers should they require technical assistance on-site.

What we don’t do

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES services over 300 customers per day and our customer satisfaction is one of the best in the industry. The amount of claims we receive each month is minimal.  The reason for this is, of course, the quality of the products sold but also our pre-sales support offered to customers. Identifying the cause of a problem correctly is 99 per cent of the solution.

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES has also always believed that many printers have a very good understanding of the day to day running, workings and maintenance of their machinery. Most printers are more than capable of fixing their printers basic problems themselves.

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES only sells spare parts, tools and accessories for wide-format printers. We do not sell printers, inks or medias, and neither do we send out engineers for on-site technical support.

DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES is only interested in delivering innovative and credible solutions to the market.