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A whole new level of customer care

Without our customers we are nothing. We understand this. It’s the premise upon which we have built our business. We have carved out a reputation amongst our worldwide customers for gold star service, but we never rest of our laurels.

As our success grows, we’re even more dedicated to ensuring our service is never compromised. In fact, we want to get closer, to understand what it feels like to be you. This new customer care initiative does exactly that.  It’s nothing to do with technical support, its purely dedicated to your happiness and satisfaction levels.

It allows you to tell us when things are wonderful, or when things need tweaking.  It lets us know what works beautifully & what needs fine-tuning. If you really have a concern, this conduit will deliver it straight to our senior managers.

Just simply e-mail us at & let us know what it feels like to be you. We’ll do our utmost best to ensure you feel as special & valued as we believe you are.